I-LIVE-ON Storyteller has developed and launched a System which enables you to create Digital Multi-Media Productions quickly and easily, using your computer files and our Creator App.

Your Productions can then be shared with Family & Friends for viewing in Presentation, Virtual Reality, or Interactive Internet formats, using our various Player Apps and Services.

Your Multi-Media Productions can be used to save your Digital Legacy memories or simply create Stories for the present.

We have also designed into our System the functionality to keep your digital files viewable for the future. As such, we have enabled an Interactive Internet LifeStory Service that allows you to gather your historical photos, videos, sound files, family tree & important documents and save them into our System as your Digital Legacy for the Long-Term.

Just click on our Creator App webpage to see how easy it is to create Productions, as a Gift for the Future, to enable you to tell your Story, your Way.

Have you saved your precious digital memories and ancestral research into Cloud Storage, thinking they will remain viewable for the Long-Term? Sadly, you are mistaken, as it is only an I-LIVE-ON type system that can enable your Digital Legacy to last and remain viewable for the Long-Term.

What would your LifeStory be?